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Road to Philly Bike Expo 2022: New Flat Top Bottle King Cage works w/ Nalgene & Insulated Steel Bottles!

King Cage Flat top water bottle cage purple NalgenePhoto c. King Cage
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Here we are again, counting down the days to the 2022 Philly Bike Expo! We have another product launch to announce, but this time, it’s by the PBE exhibitor King Cage!

You might know King Cage by its popular and elegant stainless steel Iris King Cage, and Titanium Cage.

They’ve launched a new Flat Top Water Bottle Cage in both stainless steel (304 stainless steel) and titanium (3-2.5). This new water bottle cage is just like their regular water bottle cage, but without the bend at the top. Eliminating that bend allows you to carry your flat-sided “non-cycling” water bottles, like say a Nalgene, or Klean Kanteen bottle in a traditional water bottle cage.

King Cage was founded in 1991 by Ron Andrews starting with the titanium cage and introducing the stainless cage in 1996. His career in the industry started at Fat City Cycles in 1988. Before the start of King Cage, Ron worked for iconic bicycle industry brands like Ibis Cycles, Merlin Metalworks, Jo Breeze Cycles, Ted Wojac cycles, and Yeti Cycles.

King Cage Flat top water bottle cage pink Klean Kanteen

g Cage Flat top water bottle cage blue Hydro Flask

King Cage Collage Potos by Gear Patrol #1
Photo c. Gear Patrol

As of today, ALL of King Cage’s products are handmade in his basement/garage workshop in Durango Colorado. This small, family-run business still uses all USA-sourced materials for its products.

King Cage Collage Potos by Gear Patrol #2
Photo c. Gear Patrol

Retail and weight for the Flat Top Cage:

Stainless steel Flat Top: $26
Weight: 48 grams

Titanium Flat Top: $66
Weight: 28 grams

** King Cage would like you to know that the Flat Top Cage will mar up painted water bottles.**


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8 months ago

Nice, but these do have a design flaw.
The curve of a round bottle will fall nicely between the two parallel rods, which is good. However, at the top, the connection between those two rods (or rather, the bend that connects the two) is flat. That means that – especially with steel bottles that will not deform a bit – the top part will be the main contact point, and the rest of the bottle won’t rest flat on the two rods.

8 months ago

King already has the Iris Cage, which works well with straight sided bottles. Pure marketing hype here, unless you insist on a Ti cage, which is unavailable in the Iris style.

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